How it Happened

The BBPG was formed in 1990 against a backdrop of numerous classic halfcab buses which had survived as driver trainers being scrapped due to changes in legislation.

We sprang from the No 7 Bus Preservation Group, which had been set up to preserve and restore former Pontyridd Taff-Ely AEC Regent V/Willowbrook UTG 312G. Members realised that many people wanted to be involved in preservation but were unable to actually buy a bus, and felt they could only watch important vehicles slip away. There was no representative body solely for bus and coach preservationists.

The BBPG set out to save and find homes for vehicles as well as making people aware of their existence and, even more importantly, helping owners find storage.

This was no small role but helped by some articles in the specialist press and sterling work from a hastily gathered committee, the group’s journey began.

BBPG Today

Nearly 25 years on, the BBPG is still working hard on behalf of preservationists worldwide, locating vehicles and trying to find homes for them.

STORAGE still remains the biggest obstacle to preserving an old bus or coach, and the BBPG runs its own scheme aiming to unite people who need vehicle storage with those who have it. We can normally help in most parts of the country.

SPARES Again we to help members locate vital parts for their vehicles.We don’t carry stocks ourselves but often know people who do.

SERVICES Whatever you need doing to your preserved PSV we can often suggest someone who might do it, though we don’t recommend specific firms or take any commission,

BRITISH BUS NEWS Our quarterly journal is packed with news, information on vehicles and other items for sale along with interesting features. We’ve just celebrated our 100th issue.